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    IRREMPLAZABLE means "replaceable" in French.

    A Mexican brand Mercado bag & rug mat designer from NY who lives in MEXICO. It is a brand that was born from the thought that women in Mexico hand-made one by one and woven it (wanting to deliver to a far away woman) while imagining the smile of the person who uses it.

    Enjoy the unique colors unique to MEXICO and enjoy the unique texture of handmade. I want each one to be something that is irreplaceable.

    Such a brand with a thought. It is IRREMPLAZABLE (Irenprezabured) .......

    Mi cesta(ミセスタ)

    Mi cestaはフランス語で「私のカゴ」を意味する。



    そんな存在であってほしいと願いを込めて妥協の無いデザインを発信しています。何年経っても一緒にお出かけしたくなる、それがMi cesta............

    Micesta means "My basket" in French.

    An attractive women's wardrobe brand with a tasteful smell somewhere from the designer of Saint Germain native Cebu Island.

    The basket bag is made of handmade materials, with one rank higher material, and is designed for people who want to use it.

    We send design without compromise with wish that we want such existence. Even after many years, I would like to go out with it, it is Micesta .....